I stand by the material in this course, as I have seen successful results in many new Health Coaching businesses from implementing the tools I offer.  Due to the single-topic nature of this course, there should be no expectation of overnight success because implementation takes time, along with incorporating strategies offered in the other products in this range.  If, for any reason you don’t feel the content is going to support your business in the way you anticipated, let my team and I know within 7 days of purchase and we will refund your course fee (minus a 10% admin fee to cover course administration). We will request a written outline of your business that shows how you believe you are not going to get the results you’d hoped for after working through the course work. We do not offer a ‘Change of Mind’ refund, as we are clear and detailed about what the course entails in our marketing material. We ask that you request your refund in writing to support@amandajdaley.com within 7 days of purchasing the course.