Starting out as a Health Coach?

You’ve chosen to become a Health Coach because you’re super passionate about sharing with clients everything you know about healing their bodies naturally, right?

But where do you start? Where will that first client come from, and what steps do you need to take to start up a Health Coaching business? And a successful one, at that!

You've seen Health Coaches doing it, their lives look great and so can yours. You can make a fantastic living doing this!

But you do need to know the steps to take because what you see other Health Coaches doing online is only the tip of the iceberg - the pretty polished finished picture on the surface; but their real secret is in knowing what it takes 'behind-the-scenes'.

I'm going to show you exactly how they do it so you can experience that level of success, too.

Finally a proven system specifically to help Health Coaches create $5k+ pm.

Why do Health Coaches need their own program? As you've probably begun to suspect, selling Health Coaching services is different to selling anything else. How do you get past the client's doubts that they'll follow through? How do you sell without promising results that just CAN'T be guaranteed? How do you fill the client with inspiration and sell them what you KNOW they need when they are bound to be skeptical?

My system deals with all of that. I've had many 'NO's myself. I've learnt the art of getting past the 'NO'. That is a big part of this program - along with how to make yourself visible and known as a 'go-to' face in your field.

You may already have your certification, but there's a big part that isn't covered yet. And this is going to come from the mindset skills and coaching skills that I teach you to massively up your confidence as a Health Coach, and help you get those results for your clients that you might be afraid you won't get. 

My simple new UPSwing Client Kickstart eCourse walks you through exactly what to do, step by step, to fill your Health Coaching practice, even if you’re new in business, or have never had a client.


Your Health Coaching career is in good hands

I'm Amanda Jane Daley. I've helped some of the most successful Health Coaches you know - they've quit their jobs, travelled the world while coaching, booked-out their schedules solid (with growing wait lists) and are making incomes of $5-10k per month.

Until now I've only been able to offer that to my high-level UPswing Mastermind clients, but now I am so excited to offer you a 'kickstart' system to get started using exactly the same foundations.

I will take you by the hand and help you build the energising, personally fulfilling, profitable health coaching business that makes a difference not only to your quality of life, but also to the wonderful clients who are waiting for your services.

Let me empower you with the tools to kickstart this rewarding and flexible career; to help others and get paid what you deserve.

I've created the UPswing Client Kickstart eCourse so that purposeful women like yourself can get out there and get your health coach on (with a healthy revenue, to boot)

Discover, step-by-step, how to go from where you are now to getting your first Health Coaching client, and from there scaling up to the $5k month income level and beyond.

No more wondering where to begin. No more lying awake pondering how you’re going to ever make a substantial living doing what you’ve been called to do.

No more months on the sofa asking:

"What about Facebook?"
"Do I have to do webinars?"
"Aren't there already too many Health Coaches?"
"Are there enough clients to go around?"
"Does anybody actually want to buy Health Coaching?"


I'm going to walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know so that by the end of the 6 week program you are ready to hit the ground running and get your first Health Coaching client!


Imagine how great you will feel when you get super-clear on your personal brand, target market and signature packages. You’ll totally forget those old worries about whether there is room for you in the marketplace and whether you can really get results for your clients.

Imagine a fully-booked schedule of clients and knowing exactly where to find more at anytime. It's never going to dry up if you know these steps. Imagine knowing how to sign up clients with soul, not sleaze, and how to confidently conduct your coaching sessions.

Imagine knowing the exact formula to make $5k per month (or more) in your first year as a Health Coach - building not only the income you desire, but also having plenty of time for that yoga class, a green smoothie with friends, and date nights with your man.

The underlying secret behind creating ALL of this is that when your business is built to fuel you, you will in turn fuel a powerful Health Coaching brand that is untouchable.

That's exactly what I am going to help you do!

I spent my first career in advertising, working with some of the most iconic brands of our time, including Coca Cola, Microsoft, Nokia and eBay. But advertising is stressful. I found myself tired all the time, getting sick far too often, and watching my productivity drastically drop away – and, as you're a Health Coach, you probably guessed - I got diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal fatigue, which finally made me choose to step aside from the career I had built over 15 years.

I set about learning all about health myself - studying to be a Health Coach as part of that process. When I first left advertising to become a Health Coach, I truly had no idea how to go about getting clients. I was bewildered and unsure how I was going to make it work.

In the first 6 months I had only 2 clients and had made no money (yes, I gave those first 2 away for free).

After that initial false start, and the shock of how hard it really was to get clients as a Health Coach (followed by months on the sofa wishing I knew what to do to get things rolling), I was struck with an idea. I could blend my old career with my new one and I could use the marketing strategies I knew like the back of my hand to go out there and get my Health Coach on!

In no time I was consistently reaching $5k months, often more. I was fully booked with Health Coaching clients, I was hosting workshops, speaking at events, launching eBooks and my Driven Woman's Detox Program.

As I started succeeding, people started coming to me wanting to work with me and wanting to know about my new career, and I realised there really was no lack of clients needing a Health Coach.

There is no end of people wanting help with their health!

I wanted to show other Health Coaches the opportunities that are out there once you know how to tap into this bottomless, endless goldmine.

There is truly no limit to how many new Health Coaches can come into this marketplace!

And yet so many new Health Coaches are still stuck and frustrated at not getting any clients - simply because they do not know how to make this work. The schools just don't teach this.

I want this for you. I sincerely believe that every Health Coach has the ability to create a successful business with dream clients when armed with the right tools. 

I believe you have a message to share with the world which is far too important to be left unheard.

And I believe that the world has the chance to truly value their health, when we as Health Coaches get our messages out there!!

One day it hit me - I could make a WAY bigger difference to the way the world receives Health Coaching if I shared my marketing knowledge with the many other Health Coaches who didn't know how to do it.

To fill this missing gap of knowledge in the industry, I started mentoring new Health Coaches to get their first clients and build a thriving business. And, after realising that everyone had exactly the same questions, I went on to create my signature program, the UPswing Mastermind. The Upswing Mastermind has now seen over 100 Health Coaches graduate - many now running businesses which bring in a consistent $5-10k a month.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.46.33 AM.png


My signature 6 month mastermind program, which sells out very quickly, has a very high-level of my personal attention and is an investment of both time and money. And I totally understand that not all new coaches are ready for such an investment.

I'm thrilled that I've now been able to distill the foundations of my UPswing Mastermind into an online course so that people of all stages can kickstart their Health Coaching business right away and get their first clients.

6 weeks online, packed with easy to follow, easy to finish, engaging video training!


The UPswing Client Kickstart eCourse consists of 6 weekly video lessonsEach week you will receive a new module in your private members portal which you can watch anytime, anywhere - including life-changing takeaways on:

  • How to market yourself
  • How to find, secure and charge clients
  • How to package up your services and choose your pricing
  • How to build confidence in your coaching skills 
  • How to build a following online


Each week there’s a detailed workbook to guide you deeper through each process. Nothing will feel overwhelming. You'll be amazed at the clarity, inspiration and aha's that come from the clarity of implementing these worksheets. 


On top of this, YOU’RE GETTING MY 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN MARKETING AND RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL HEALTH COACHING BUSINESS, lovingly crafted into something that will take your Health Coaching business to the next level in just 6 weeks! You'll never have to say you're an 'Aspiring Health Coach' ever again.

I can safely say that this course is what you’ve been looking for if you are ready to go out into the world and share your tools and knowledge with people you KNOW need a Health Coach like you.

Target market

  • Pinpoint your exact desired biz
  • Unlock your target market’s secret dreams and goals
  • Identify their hidden pain points
  • Define your solution that your target market is dying to buy

Client attraction

  • Proven ways to attract your ideal Health Coaching client
  • Where to find an un-ending supply of ideal clients - online + offline
  • Your 7 day challenge to get your first (or next) client and give you unstoppable momentum


  • Why 'Purposeful Packages' sell
  • Create a 'must buy' package for your unique market
  • How to confidently charge what you're worth
  • Find your pricing sweet spot

coaching confidence

  • The role of a Health Coach + why most coaches misunderstand it
  • How to structure your coaching sessions for max results - never be stuck for what to say again
  • Self-coaching techniques to make you a shining, living example and how to get over your blocks



  • The secret to 'Discovery Calls'
  • Nail a sales script that doesn't sound 'salesy'
  • Ask for the dance
  • BONUS Demo Call - listen in as I sell a package to a client

building a following

  • The secret behind being a #1 trusted expert in your field
  • How to use social media effectively without it sucking up your entire day
  • The key to an irresistible website
  • How to build a list that's hungry for anything you sell

 Your Commitment and Investment


For support or queries, please use the chat box at the bottom of your screen, or email

Your Happiness Guarantee

I believe in this course so strongly, as I have seen it grow so many coaches’ businesses into thriving successes – and it is jam-packed with awesome value.

If, for any reason, you work through the first two modules of the course (the first 14 days) and are not totally happy, I will refund your enrolment cost (minus a 10% admin fee to cover course administration).

I offer this guarantee because I have complete faith in this program, and I know that if you commit to doing the work, taking action, and taking personal responsibility for your own business, then you will have everything you need to kickstart your Health Coaching business.

Due to the nature of this kickstart course being 6 weeks, there should be no expectation of overnight success, as implementation takes time. You will have everything you need to get started, and if you’re prepared to commit to the learning process and immerse yourself in these strategies consistently, it is possible to achieve far and beyond a return on your investment.

In short, this course works. What you do with it, however, is always up to you.

‘Change of mind’ refunds are not permitted in any circumstance. To qualify for a refund, you must demonstrate that you have participated in the course before requesting a refund and you’ll be asked to hand in all completed work that has been required in the first 2 modules.

Refunds must be requested in writing to within 14 days of purchasing the course to be eligible.

I don't even have ONE client yet, will the course help?

The UPswing Client Kickstart eCourse was created for women just like you. You’ll learn where to go to find your first client (and many more), and you’ll discover the effective strategies I used to grow my client base from scratch. Everybody has to start from zero. This course is equally beneficial for coaches who may have had a few clients but are wondering why they aren't getting the consistency they desire. 

I don't have any experience, so I'm nervous to call myself a Health Coach. Is this the right course for me?

Confidence is one of the biggest issues amongst new health coaches and is completely normal. Joining a group program like this will instantly connect you with others in the same boat which will help you to understand it is not 'personal', but rather a skillset you are currently missing of how to run an effective coaching business. The UPswing Client Kickstart eCourse is designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of starting your business - from scratch - and has a large emphasis on building confidence and feeling more expert in your sales calls, coaching sessions and marketing.

I'm terrified of selling. I don't want to go all 'salesy' on people. Will the course cover that?

No-one wants to feel swarmy or sleezy when selling their coaching program to a potential client, and yet what most new coaches don't realise is that a soulful sales process is normally actually a healing experience. This course teaches a soulful selling approach unlike those taught directly from the health and nutrition schools and for many of my clients, this lesson alone has been THE game-changer.

I was planning to do the next UPswing Mastermind, should I join this course instead?

The eCourse is a 'lite' version of the first half of the mastermind and therefore it covers the same principles but does not replace the full UPswing Mastermind experience. UPswing Mastermind is for those serious about building a $5k+pm business with the highest level of support to do so and is only on offer once or twice a year. If you're dying to get started right away, then why not join us for the eCourse now and then upgrade to the mastermind when it starts in 2017 for the full commitment. eCourse members will get the first priority chance to join the next mastermind and are likely to get a bonus or discount if choosing to do so ;-)

What is the difference between UPswing Mastermind and this eCourse?

UPswing Mastermind is the ultimate 6 month journey to building your coaching business. The mastermind has a very high level of personal attention from Amanda, via live training sessions, live laser coaching sessions, Facebook qa sessions and 24/7 Facebook masterminding for a committed 6 months. It is an investment of both time and money - and has a reputation for stellar results.

UPswing Client Kickstart eCourse can be seen as the little sister in the family. We cover the same foundation and UPswing signature system in a lighter way. There are 6 weekly modules which you can do at your own pace - take it as quick or slow as you desire. It has a low accessible investment to allow everyone to get in the game now, regardless of whether you are already making money from your business.

The eCourse is ideal for those wanting to dip their toe in the UPswing experience or for those looking for something to kickstart their journey at their own pace.


I'm still training to be a Health Coach, is it too early to sign up?

UPswing Client Kickstart covers business topics beyond what it is taught at any of the schools and is therefore a great compliment to any nutrition or health coaching program. It can be taken at any time during your training (or after). You will just want to follow your school's advise on when you are able to start taking on clients. If you are already able to take on clients, get onto this straight away - don't waste your valuable time trying to piece it all together yourself - we've done that part for you.


Why this eCourse?

  • This program is the only one of its type, specifically designed for Health Coaches

  • My signature UPswing System has been tried and tested with over 100 Health Coaches with proven results

  • I have over 15 years Online Business and Marketing experience

  • I have run my own thriving Health Coaching business and know exactly what it honestly takes to do so

  • I continue to follow this exact system today in my own business to create a high 6 figures p/y income.

For support or queries prior to purchasing, please use the chat box at the bottom of your screen, or email

Earnings Disclaimer

This program has been created with the best intentions, to help you on your path to creating the career and life you’ve dreamed of. We cannot make guarantees about your ability to earn money with the ideas, information, tools and strategies shared in this program. After all, your success in life is ultimately up to you and how you go about doing things, isn’t it? All of the program content is for educational and informational purposes only. It is designed to help you take the next step, and none of the content is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. You may want to consult with your accountant, lawyer or business consultant before you put into place anything you’ve learned in the program if you are unsure how it applies to you personally. We act with absolute integrity, and with the belief that we are all responsible and accountable for our own decisions, actions and outcomes in life, and by signing up for the program you agree not to hold us liable for your decisions, actions and outcomes – under any circumstance. You’ll find our privacy policy and disclaimers that cover this program, and everything on our website:

"I definitely would (and already have) recommended Client Kickstart as a fast and effective way to "get in the game", getting the hang of the basics of the business part, ways to be seen and how to charge as a Health Coach."

- Gudi Kristjansdottir, Iceland

"I wanted to send you a quick message to say a HUGE thank you to you for your 6 week UPswing Client Kickstart. The amount of 'A-HA' moments has been astounding. There have been tears, realisations and some serious soul searching. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I know that through completing this course I will be the best possible health coach I can be and that I will be able to go out and make a difference in peoples lives. Thank you."

- Paula L, UK

"Even though we have never met, or even spoken, I feel like we know each other. I think it comes down to your genuine need to help. I have really enjoyed the course so far. I was so close to just giving up!!! And now, quite the opposite actually and super excited about my new program and future life. THANK YOU for giving me hope, guidance and confidence that I CAN DO THIS!!!!"

- Michelle Pitt, South Africa

"Before the UpSwing Client Kickstart I felt unsure and lost in how to run a Health Coaching Business. The program has given me so much clarity in the areas needed to run a successful coaching business - from becoming clear on my target market to discovery sessions with clients.  Amanda walks you through step by step all you need to know when starting out as a coach and a business entrepreneur. My mindset has shifted around marketing and sales too and I now feel confident in what I need to do on a daily basis which is such a relief. I would highly recommend this program to anyone starting out as a coach and entrepreneur."

- Monique Micale, Australia

"The Upswing Client Kickstart has been a fantastic and fulfilling six weeks of learning and exploration. I feel so much more confident and ready to go out and get my business truly achieving what I know it can. Amanda's guidance is clear, actionable, and totally relevant for health coaches, and spoke directly to my concerns and situation. In just six weeks I've gone from nothing to having a clear target market, a well-planned coaching package, knowledge of how to market it, AND new discovery sessions coming in each week. I've loved the entire program and feel like Amanda really delivered value above and beyond anything I was expecting. If you're a health coach struggling to set up shop and unsure why you're not getting anywhere, give this course a try - I am so happy I did!"

- Samantha Russell, South Korea

"Before UPswing, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I had never run a business, and I was struggling with finding clients. A week after talking to Amanda about my money issues and clearing that fear, I found my first client quite randomly. She paid my full package upfront, and I was in shock at how easy it was once I was clear. Since then I’ve signed up another 3 clients (this was double my initial goal so that’s pretty cool). I am now 10 million times more confident that I will get clients -- and have realized that the confidence is key. I’ve also started building my list and have launched a month-long challenge that I am loving, as it finally feels like I’m nurturing and cultivating my tribe.”

— Erin Laishley, Australia

“[Before working with Amanda] I was scared to put myself out there. Now I’m getting consistency with new clients, which feels great. Last month was the first month I’ve made more money from health coaching and personal training than I do in my part-time job. That means financial freedom for me. I’ve had an opportunity to go to Italy for 3 weeks, and I don’t think I would have said yes if it wasn’t for this program. In the 3 months I have been in the Mastermind I have doubled my revenue compared to the 3 months prior. And I have to say I'm thrilled!”

— Emma Polette, Australia

“I want to tell you that your Mastermind program is seriously awesome - the value is fantastic. I'm getting more out of this program than I did last year working 1:1 with a business coach - at a fraction of the cost. The community is insanely supportive and I've really connected with the other Mastermind members - we stay in communication each day and this makes a huge difference - through the good stuff and the challenging stuff. Thanks again for everything you do - it is seriously a gift.”

— June Melia, USA

“I'm so incredibly glad that I chose to sign up for Upswing Mastermind, it's changed everything! The content, structure and guest mentors have all been awesome, inspiring and so useful. I feel like I'm completely set up to make my business as lucrative as I want it to be going forward. The biggest thing was getting clear on my target, and from there learning the copy and the structure for making a package. I now have 15 new 3-month clients, and am regularly getting 2-4 Discovery Sessions per week, and am converting 90% of them to clients! It's so exciting! I've quit my part-time job and am now working full time as a coach. I absolutely love it, and I am planning to go and work in Bali for two months in August -  just because I can! This experience has changed my life and given me the confidence to build my dream freedom business! I can honestly say that I don't think I ever would have got here without Upswing MM. Thank you Amanda!

— Andrea Featherstone, Australia

“[Before the Mastermind] I didn’t have a plan - other than becoming a health coach - and I didn’t know how to get clients. (I actually got my first client so that I could take part in the program.) Going from selling $30 sessions to $300 sessions is a huge difference in just a month but that’s what I’ve done... and now 6 weeks in I just sold a $4000 package. I’ve started to value myself more, and I feel completely confident that each month will be consistent.

I love the workbooks and how the program is laid out so that you have really have to dive deep and think about what you want. The community is also amazing, I really feel like everyone is a sister. It’s so high energy, it’s beautiful.”

— Shaina Harris, USA

“I cannot say enough about how the Upswing Mastermind changed my business. One of my biggest “wins” was committing to a target market, as that was the deepest darkest hole for me to climb out of (and something I’ve been struggling with since 2013 when I got my first client). Since I got clear on this, everything is 1000x easier and flowing so much better. I am consistently making good money each month now, and I feel totally at ease during discovery sessions. The Mastermind is a decision to play big and make your business a reality. And Amanda provides everything you need for that - knowledge, support, sisterhood. If you show up and do the work, you absolutely can create 5K months with the Upswing Mastermind.”

— Rachel Sizemore, USA

“The Mastermind has been AMAZING! It held me accountable and taught me things that I didn't even know would be important. I’ve gotten my website & Facebook page up and running, hired support and identified my Target Market. When I started the Mastermind I had none of this set up, and no idea how to go about doing it, so being able to accomplish this (while working full-time) has been huge.

The Mastermind also showed me a whole new level of 'how to be,' and what I can step into as a woman. I have learnt that the beliefs that I grew up with don't have to be the ones that I carry forward, I can live expansively, with freedom, and the desires that I have are not just whimsical but are meant to be lived out. When I started to realise this, the whole picture of what I had thought my future would look like changed. I now know that can be whoever I choose to be, and that is SO exciting!”

— Rachael Dowle, Australia

"Amanda taught me exactly how to determine who I serve and how I serve them. I also learned how to find my ideal clients and sign them to my program. It's been an incredible journey that's landed me more clients and more income than I've ever had as a health coach. I finally feel confident in my role and like I've stepped fully into my career as a Health Coach."

—  Christine Blubaugh, USA

 For support or queries prior to purchasing, please use the chat box at the bottom of your screen, or email