6 weeks online, packed with easy to follow, easy to finish, engaging video training!


The UPswing Client Kickstart eCourse consists of 6 weekly video lessonsEach week you will receive a new module in your private members portal which you can watch anytime, anywhere - including life-changing takeaways on:

  • How to market yourself
  • How to find, secure and charge clients
  • How to package up your services and choose your pricing
  • How to build confidence in your coaching skills 
  • How to build a following online


Each week there’s a detailed workbook to guide you deeper through each process. Nothing will feel overwhelming. You'll be amazed at the clarity, inspiration and aha's that come from the clarity of implementing these worksheets. 


There will be a facebook group community where you can brainstorm with other ecourse members as you collectively work through the program, supported by my team.

These will become your connections for life - you'll get to watch each other's careers rise together, and say "I knew you when..."

Upswing Client Kickstart does not include direct coaching support from me within the facebook group, however I will be in the group regularly cheering on your journey through the 6 weeks and look forward to meeting you all.

On top of this, YOU’RE GETTING MY 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN MARKETING AND RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL HEALTH COACHING BUSINESS, lovingly crafted into something that will take your Health Coaching business to the next level in just 6 weeks! You'll never have to say you're an 'Aspiring Health Coach' ever again.

I can safely say that this course is what you’ve been looking for if you are ready to go out into the world and share your tools and knowledge with people you KNOW need a Health Coach like you.