Create a ‘must buy’ package for your unique market, learn to confidently charge what you’re worth and find your pricing sweet spot

What if you had your very own signature health coaching package that was SO irresistible to potential clients, that they were hungry to work with you (and pay you handsomely to do so)?

I know, it’s hard to imagine when you’re just getting started as a new health coach…

I get it that it feels SO overwhelming when starting out.

Websites. Graphics. Copywriting. Sales Pages. Blogs. Social Media. FB groups. FB ads. Periscope. Webinars…..


Arrrggg – it’s all so much right?


It’s time to take a DEEP BREATH and focus on what MATTERS most.

What matters is that you have an AWESOME package to offer your clients that is designed to get them RESULTS.

What matters is that you are really helping others (and that they are paying you to do so).


Purposeful Packages Kickstart is an online mini-course for new Health Coaches that walks you through creating your own Signature Purposeful Package (aka a package that gets results AND actually sells)


You may already have your certification, but the program you learnt just doesn’t feel 100% YOU. I’m going to help you create your own signature health coaching program which brings together YOUR unique strengths, talents and interest to create a solution that ideal clients are actually looking for.

Yes you read that right, there are people out there looking for your solution right now! They are literally waiting for you to get your services out to the world.

My simple new Purposeful Packages Kickstart course walks you through exactly what to do, step by step, to create your own Unique Signature Program even if you’re new in business, or have never had a client.

Your Health Coaching career is in good hands

I'm Amanda Jane Daley. I've helped some of the most successful Health Coaches you know - they've quit their jobs, travelled the world while coaching, booked-out their schedules solid (with growing wait lists) and are making incomes of $5-10k per month.

Until now I've only been able to offer that to my high-level UPswing Mastermind clients, but now I am so excited to offer you a 'kickstart' system to get started using exactly the same foundations.

The Kickstart series offers simple training designed for your exact stage in business, in a convenient self-study format and low investment - so you can start building your business TODAY!

I will take you by the hand and help you build the energising, personally fulfilling, profitable health coaching business that makes a difference not only to your quality of life, but also to the wonderful clients who are waiting for your services.

Let me empower you with the tools to kickstart this rewarding and flexible career; to help others and get paid what you deserve.

I've created the Purposeful Packages Kickstart course so that purposeful women like yourself can confidently offer a health coaching package that is not only 100% aligned with YOU but gets real RESULTS for your clients (the kind they’re lining up to purchase)

Imagine proudly sharing your signature Purposeful Package with confidence to your ideal client and witnessing the smile cross her face as she declares ‘it’s like you’ve read my mind!’

The underlying secret is in creating a signature Purposeful Package!

That's exactly what I am going to help you do!

The Purposeful Packages Kickstart course consists of 4 business lessons, packed with easy to follow, easy to finish, engaging video training!


The Purposeful Packages Kickstart course includes life-changing takeaways on:

  • Understanding why 'Purposeful Packages' sell
  • How to create a 'must buy' package for your unique market
  • How to confidently charge what you're worth
  • How to find your pricing sweet spo



Supporting worksheets guide you deeper through each process. Nothing will feel overwhelming. You'll be amazed at the clarity, inspiration and aha's that come from the clarity of implementing these worksheets. 

Transcriptions of each training to follow along with the training or for easy reading away from the computer.

Audio training to listen to on your commute or morning walk, allowing the lessons to sink in even further.

Slide decks to make notes as you follow along closely with the training, or for a quick visual recap anytime.


On top of this, YOU’RE GETTING MY 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN MARKETING AND RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL HEALTH COACHING BUSINESS, lovingly crafted into step-by-step actions to move you along your business path. You'll never have to say you're an 'Aspiring Health Coach' ever again.

I can safely say that this course is what you’ve been looking for if you are ready to go out into the world and share your tools and knowledge with people you KNOW need a Health Coach like you.



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Your Happiness Guarantee

I believe in my training so strongly, as I have seen it grow so many coaches’ businesses into thriving successes – and it is jam-packed with awesome value.

If, for any reason, you implement the Purposeful Packages Kickstart in your health coaching business but find it does not help you, we’ll happily refund you 100%.

Click here to read our Money back guarantee.

Still got questions?

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Now is time to create the work/life balance you deserve - doing what you love, and sharing with others the potential to naturally heal their bodies and massively improve their health & happiness. Your training has brought you to this point; Amanda Jane Daley will take you to the next.


For support or queries prior to purchasing, please use the chat box at the bottom of your screen, or email


Earnings Disclaimer

This program has been created with the best intentions, to help you on your path to creating the career and life you’ve dreamed of. We cannot make guarantees about your ability to earn money with the ideas, information, tools and strategies shared in this program. Please read here for full Earnings Disclaimer >>