Has this eCourse come at the right time for you?

You’ve trained; you’ve dreamt about being a Health Coach; you’ve talked about it passionately with whomever will listen…now you’re ready to DO IT!

The bottom line is you ARE ready to be a successful Health Coach working with clients you love. 

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What you can expect from this eCourse

  • Get down to the nitty-gritty of who you really want to work with (your dream clients)
  • Create your unique coaching package that will give your dream clients the outcome they are looking for
  • Finally know what to say when people ask you what you do…and feel totally confident when you tell them
  • Learn how to build an online presence so that more dream clients will follow you
  • Discover what you can charge your dream clients without feeling awkward
  • Find out how $5K months are not as impossible as you think

Why my eCourse?

  • This program is the only one of it's type, specifically designed for Health Coaches
  • My signature UPswing System has been tried and tested with over 100 Health Coaches with proven results
  • I have over 15 years Online Business and Marketing experience
  • I have run my own thriving Health Coaching business and know exactly what it honestly takes to do so
  • I continue to follow this exact system today in my own business to create a high 6 figures p/y income.