After finding success as a Health Coach, my inbox started filling with the following questions from other coaches:

Where will I find my first clients?
How do I know if I am expert enough to start Health Coaching?
How much will people pay for Health Coaching?

I realised that the Health Coaching schools teach all the basics, but not the essential people skills and marketing skills for us to actually succeed.

As I started witnessing so many new health coaches struggling to get their businesses going and wanting to give up, this was when I knew something was wrong with this system.

It was so important for me to create change in the world's health by being a health coach - not to go back to teaching business that I had spent the first part of my career so deep in - but one day it hit me - I could make a WAY bigger difference to the way the world receives Health Coaching if I shared my marketing knowledge with the many other Health Coaches who didn't know how to do so.

To fill this missing gap of knowledge in the industry I started mentoring new Health Coaches to get their first clients and build a thriving business, and after realising that every one had exactly the same questions, I went on to create my signature program, the UPswing Mastermind, which has now seen over 100 Health Coaches graduate - many now running businesses which bring in a consistent $5-10k a month.

My signature 6 month mastermind program sells out very quickly, has a very high-level of my personal attention and is an investment of both time and money. This system has been tailored carefully to get your Health Coaching business thriving. And yet I know that many of you are just not in a position to invest in that way when you are first starting out.

I've been working behind the scenes all year to finally bring you an exciting new 6 week 'kickstart' solution.